The Neidig Group

Mike Neidig

B.A. Chemistry 1999
Colgate University
M.Phil. Chemistry 2001
University of Cambridge
Ph.D. Chemistry 2007
Stanford University

Mike received his B.A. in chemistry from Colgate University in 1999. Following studies at the University of Cambridge as a Churchill Scholar, leading to an M.Phil. degree in chemistry, he moved to Stanford University where he received his Ph.D. in chemistry in 2007. At Stanford, Mike became interested in the use of physical-inorganic spectroscopic methods to understand transition metal catalytic systems in biological systems. Following brief stops at Dow Chemical as a Senior Research Chemist and Los Alamos National Laboratory as a Director’s Postdoctoral Fellow, Mike joined the Department of Chemistry at the University of Rochester in 2011 as an assistant professor. His research at Rochester focuses on the generation of new fundamental insight into structure, bonding and mechanism in homogeneous non-precious metal catalysis including (1) iron-catalyzed cross-coupling and (2) iron- and cobalt-catalyzed direct C-H functionalization. Further research interests include elucidation of electronic structure, bonding and mechanism in f-element chemistry.

Curriculum Vitae

Postdoctoral Fellow

Peter Neate

M.Chem. 2012
Ph.D. Chemistry 2017
University of Edinburgh




In the Neidig group I study the mechanism of iron-catalysed cross-coupling as well as other reductive processes.

Outside of the lab I enjoy watching and playing tennis and football. I also spend my time avoiding both dancing and having my picture taken.

Graduate Students

Maria Camila Aguilera-Cuenca

B.S. Chemistry 2018
WUniversidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogota




My research focuses on the investigation of the reaction mechanism of Iron-Bisphospines as catalysts for cross-coupling reactions

Outside of lab, I enjoy dancing salsa, traveling and learning about different cultures.

Nikki Bakas

B.S. Chemistry 2017
West Chester University




I am studying on iron-catalyzed Negishi Cross-Coupling reactions.

Outside the lab, I enjoy cooking, reading, making art, and hiking.

Dan Curran

B.S. Chemistry 2016
The College of New Jersey





I investigate transient uranium species.

I enjoy cooking, reading, and hiking outside of lab.

Joshua DeMuth


B.A. Chemistry 2014
Rollins College




My research focuses on the investigation of iron-catalyzed mechanisms for cross-coupling and C-H functionalization reactions.

I like playing tennis, hiking, reading, cooking, and playing video games.

Aleksa Radovic

B.S. Chemistry 2017
M.S. Chemistry 2018
University of Belgrade



My research focuses on the mechanism of iron-catalyzed amino-oxygenation reactions and spectroscopy of f-element organometallics.

Jeffrey Sears

B.S. Chemistry 2014
M.S. Chemistry 2015
Georgia State University



My research focuses on exploring iron-catalyzed Kumada cross-coupling reaction mechanisms. I am currently using various synthetic techniques and spectroscopic methods for the detection and characterization of catalytic intermediates in the cross-coupling of alkenyl Grignard reagents and alkyl halides. Some areas of special interest include the effects of additives, such as TMEDA and NMP, and use of different ligands on catalyst reactivity.

Apart from my work in the lab, I enjoy going hiking, video games, and drumming.

Nikki Wolford

B.S. Chemistry 2016
Millersville University





My research focuses on the synthesis of low valent organometallic uranium complexes.

Outside of lab I enjoy reading, watching crime TV, doing puzzles, hiking, and camping.

Bufan Zhang

B.A. Chemistry/Psychology 2017, Vassar College M.S. Chemistry 2019, Cornell University





My research focuses on iron-catalyzed Kumada cross-coupling.

Outside of the lab, I enjoy cooking (still counts as doing chemistry) and going on road trips. In addition, I love visiting local animal shelters to hang out with rescued cats.

Former Students

Ph.D. Students

Tessa Baker

Theresa Boddie

Stephanie Carpenter

Stephanie Daifuku

Valerie Fleischauer

Jared Kneebone

Master's Students

Malik Al-Afyouni

Kathlyn Fillman

Jeffery Kehl II

James Virnelli III