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Chemistry Accounting Web Instructions

General Warnings:

• Do Not Use the browser's forward and back navigation buttons.
• Do Not Block Pop Up Windows from
• If you get into trouble, click on the red Return to Entry Page button to clear/restart.
• Most pages have directions (directions have a darker yellow background).
• Detailed instructions are below the link. It is recommended that you review them.
• You will always log in on the link as Guest leaving username and password blank.
• There are buttons to add new items, account #'s/integer percents, generate totals, etc.
• For Orders, you must click on the final submission button to complete your order.
• If an order is above a user's approved limit, it will not be placed until the PI approves it.
Click on this Link to go to the Acct. System: Chemisty Accounting System
Overview of the Process:
• A PI or Supervisor will sign up as a user using the link above. Researchers and staff will then do the same. After verification by the Business Office, the PI/Supervisor will receive an email. They will log in and go to the Supervisor Approval section. They approve the user by entering a dollar limit for orders not requiring approval (this may be $0).
• Users may now go in (logging in as Guest at the initial step) and create orders or search existing orders for information or order status. The Main Page has buttons for the various options.
• For New Orders, the user creates the order by entering a general description followed by speciofic details. A Green Button is clicked to total the order and add new items. It must be clicked each time an item is entered. There is a user comments section where you can type in the web link for the items, special delivery instructions such as overnight, etc. Then a vendor is selected. Finally account numbers are added. If you do not click on the Final Order Submission button, your order will not be processed. If the order is above the assigned dollar limit, your PI/Supervisor is notified by email to approve the order. The Order is then processed by the Main Office or Stockroom. You receive an email once the order is placed. When the item is delivered by the stockroom to your lab, it is marked as delivered. You can log in and see your orders to check on the status.
Supervisor Section:
• You must create yourself as a user before you can approve other users or orders.
New User Approval: When a new user is created, you will receive an email. New Users are found by clicking on the User Approval button on the Main Page. If there are no users to approve, you will be told and returned to the Main Page. To approve a user, you change the Dollar Limit amount and click on the green Submit Approval of New Usersbutton.
New Order Approval: When a new order is created, you will receive an email. New Orders are found by clicking on the Order Approval button on the Main Page. If there are no orders to approve, you will be told and returned to the Main Page. If there are orders, you will be brought to an orders detail page. To approve an order, you must click on the small white Supervisor Status box that says Waiting Approval and select one of the approval statuses from the pull down menu. There is also a white box for you to add comments if necessary. When done, you submit your approvals by clicking on the green Submit Approval Status of This Order button.
Under Construction: (Things are being changed daily).
Detailed Instructions - There are instructions on each page. If it becomes necessary, we will develop a manual with screen shots etc. but it would be extremely long to cover all of the options. I doubt most would look at it.
Quotes - We will be adding the ability to upload quotes and other documentation into the system.
PDF's of Orders - You can print the screen but we hope to add PDF's of your orders as well.
Document Site Specific Training- We will be adding the ability to document training given by a PI/Supervisor.